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Detachment of the Retina


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"Well, I am a french guy of 45 years old living near Paris… I used to be an electric guitarist in these furious years.. I'm still one anyway, but since 4 years now I became really addicted by making music assisted by a computer and fascinated by nowadays technology.. No more band.. I'm doing all by myself, it' certainly a little megalomaniac but it allows me to realize tunes I would never have imagine to do..

My music is a bit dark, I don't know exactly how to describe it.. Somebody said "spooky" .. ? Anyway it's electronic music but I always put some of myself in it (guitar or vocals).For the moment I made  very different things but I'm now reaching the color I want to give..

I still did'nt arrive to the end of my "one man project" which is a CD I would produce by my own, but it's on the way…

As I work alone my doubts are sometimes very hard to manage, but people seem to like what I am doing, so I decided a few times ago to begin diffusing some of my music.."