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Heavy In Numbers

No Sense

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Out of LA's San Fernando Valley comes a 3-piece garage-pop tidal wave there's no cure for... dragsterbarbie. Yeah, they're girls. Yeah,                 they're cute... and rumored to show up in go-go boots.

But that's the bulls#@% part. It's the songs that count and dragsterbarbie is made to walk all over chick rock mediocrity with their well-crafted, original, catchy, honest songs and a live performance called by one critic "a full blown hard rocking Experience". Getting dangerously close to Charlie's Angels/girl-superhero/rock-starlet status, dragsterbarbie are rock-pick faves of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) in the UBL unsigned band contest, as well as featured artists on the homepage at riffage.com. From their suburban dragsterbarbie.com headquarters, dragsterbarbie are also invading Australia, England and Germany with their high-octane demo with songs produced by Ed Stasium.