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A beat you can't help move your feet to. This San Diego alternative band with a funky, jazz / ska sound (heavy on the brass) has been burning up the Southern California club scene for the past two years. This eclectic female fronted outfit of high demand has received national media attention through regular and college radio, television, and trade magazines. It's no wonder this young, talented and highly touted band is ready to bring a new sound to the music world.

Originally a ska band, The Rudies began when a young schoolteacher, Tom Voris of San Marcos High School, put together the band, consisting mostly of students, to play at local school events. Voris, a performer himself, had no idea The Rudies (now The Fabulous Rudies) would evolve into one of San Diego's finest musical acts. Voris, "Tommy 2Rude", is the toaster of the band and also sings, however, managing and promoting the band has become a full time job.

The Rudies consist of three horns, which Voris hand-picked from the school's Jazz and Marching Band. Very talented, experienced, and welltrained musicians that have played with each other since grade school, give the Rudies a very explosive dance beat. The horn section includes Aaron Hudson (Saxophone), Don Carter (Lead Trombone), and Danny Mercado (Bass Trombone). Hudson and Carter have played an intricate part in the writing of the band's songs. In fact, most of the new material was either written by Hudson and/or Carter.

The band's star feature is the vocals of Chandra. An opera trained singer since she was very young. Chandra can do it all! She's an actress, singer, and dancer. She even choreographed a dance show at the high school. Chandra was represented for her talents by the Bobby Ball Agency in Hollywood. She sings weekly at church and recently sang the National Anthem at the San Diego Padres game. She's placed in the top ten nationally at the Spotlight on Talent Awards at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles the past two years.

The drum and the baseline give the band another diverse quality. Joe Tracey (Drums) and Joe Hagins (Bass Guitar) give the band a harder edge since both players came from local punk bands, yet many reggae artists love to play with them because of their tightness and rootsy groove. Tracey, "Crazy Joe", is also the team leader of the band helping Voris with internal group relations. Tracey also sings back-up and lead vocals on a number of songs. Newest member, Brian Barton completes the rhythm section at lead guitar. Barton's metal influence enhances the sections hard edge.

Tara Ferraro, AKA "The Rudie Girl", helps the band through promotion and financial management. She also backs up Chandra nicely on vocals. The Ann Waugh Agency is representing Tara as an actor in Hollywood. Locally in San Diego, she is being represented by Agency 2.

Collectively, The Fabulous Rudies play a highly danceable, very diverse sound. They're a fun band! Do not miss this band in concert, you won't be disappointed.