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Open Your Mind

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Contact information available on the Flame homepages.

Flame was originally formed in the early nineties as a five piece rock band by guitarist and songwriter, Steve Rogers. Amanda Farley joined the band as vocalist several years later and soon began collaborating with Steve on the song writing.

Based in London, England they quickly established a good reputation in the South East. The disappointing and unexpected loss of band members during the following two years resulted in the decision to move to the Midlands (Amanda was born in Nottingham).

Based in Loughborough, they were quickly able to recruit musicians of the quality and dedication they were looking for. This prompted the release of their first CD "FLAME The Original" (based on earlier recordings), which is selling well at local gigs. The band are now confident of their product and eager to unleash their brand of rock to a wider public audience.

Support at local venues and University gigs has been tremendous, even to the extent of a band wishing to become the first official Flame covers band. A Fanzine called Manifold was recently launched as well as the FLAME Web site.

The current line up now includes:

Amanda Rogers - Vocals / Songwriter.
Steve Rogers - Guitar / Backing Vocals / Songwriter.
Simon Strike - Bass.
Rhys Bradbury - Drums and Percussion.
Kam Chouhan - Keyboard.

Flame stands for Freedom Love And Mother Earth. They play music which has been described as: 70s / 80s rock with a 90s feel to it". All of their material is original, penned by Steve and Amanda. Their performance appeals to all ages, and audiences always enjoy their music. They are a show suitable for all the family not succumbing to swearing or vulgarity.

Their music is ideal for bikers' haunts. They played at the BMF bikers rally at Peterborough last year in a 'Battle Of The Bands'. They were the only band there to receive an encore yet were pipped to the post for the opportunity to return to the following festival by a covers band! This is the most frustrating factor of being an original band and they are all for any form of original band promotions.

Over the Christmas period of 1998 the band recorded their new single  'Devil's Child' (at White Chapel Studios in South Thorsby). Also on the tape are two songs extracted from our CD album 'Flame The Original'. The other songs on the tape are: 'Deceit  In The Eyes Of An Angel'  their most popular ballad, and 'Open Your Mind'.

More recently Steve and Amanda appeared on Oak FM a local radio station and performed an acoustic song of theirs called `Rainy Days´. The response to this inundated the phones lines and had the result in the DJ obtaining permission for `Devil´s Child´ to be played also. Flame have also had airplay on RAM FM in Derbyshire and the Midlands, including various tracks from the CD "Flame - The Original".

They are currently playing all over the Midlands in pubs and clubs and have received an excellent response in the Kettering / Wellingborough are of Northants.

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