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Formed from the ashes of early 90's noise merchants and Press favourites, MIDWAY STILL, Grouch were formed in 1997 as a threepiece. In this guise they released a 7" only recording of Smile on PPP. The single received radio support from Lamacq and Peel.

Just before this they had begun working with Tav, the manager of Ash, and had signed a publishing deal with EMI Music.

After Smile the band changed into a fourpiece with the addition of keyboards and a change of drummers, and released another 7" only single, Up to You on Southpaw, which once again got good support from Radio 1 (getting played on Radcliff's afternoon show twice, as well as receiving several airings by Lamacq and XFM).

Having split with their management, the band again changed, losing the keyboards but gaining another guitarist and vocalist and the lineup settled as:

Paul Thomson - Guitar and vocals.
Carmel Lee - Guitar and vocals.
Jan Konopka - Bass.
Clive Dicker - Drums.

The band then set up their own label, Antipop, as a means of releasing their material and in January 1999 the single Out of It came out to the usual good support from Radio 1 and XFM and reviews in NME and Kerrang. Around this time the band did an acoustic set on the Sean Hughes radio show on GLR.

The second release on the label was Smile (rerecorded since it's first release) which appeared in April 1999 to a similar reception ( a live session on GLR) and this was promoted by a short tour of the country.

The next release will be the mini album Dynamo due out in this country on June 7 th . Grouch CD CoverThe album was produced by longtime friend of the band Paul Tipler who had cut his engineeringteeth on Midway Still records and who has since gone on to record albums by Stereolab and Idlewild among many others. Paul had salvaged the original recording of Smile and produced all but one of the songs recorded after that.