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Headshop Toys
c/o Headland
Merkurstr. 19
40223 Duesseldorf



Headshop Toys are from Düsseldorf, Germany. Ray luca and Critter jammed together for the first time in a rehearsal room in spring 1993. At the time they had no thoughts about starting a band together.

Critter was taking a break after years of working with a wide range of bands (MALE,Freunde der Nacht,Stranger than paradise,alright bros.,etc. ). He needed the time to distance himself from previous projects,and concentrate on the new ones. During this experimental phase, they worked with many different musicians, but it took until august '94 before the project developed into a "real" band.

G-man had already worked with his brother Critter in 1981, playing on the 10" EP "Freunde der Nacht".

The actual HEADSHOP TOYS' line-up is:

Simone - vocals
RayLuca  - guitars,keyboards,programming
G-man  - bass
Critter  - drums

It doesn't bother the HEADSHOP TOYS if their music gets pigeonholed in the rock / pop category, but they prefer to consider themselves "un-pigeonhole-able".

Finally an excerpt of the review on Headshop toys (RockHard Magazine 2.99) is best convenient to describe this band and it's sound:

" ...Headshop Toys devote themselves to pop-rock, which shines with hypnotic grooves, decent synthie-floor, fine worked out guitar- accents and sugar- sweet hooklines from exceptional singer Simone, and so has to settle somewhere in between Rush and the new Gathering CD.
Drummer Critter ( alias Claus Ritter) already wrote a piece of german music- history, sitting behind the drums at the first gig from ZK, the forerunner of Die Toten Hosen, and playing together with the (former??) Die Krupps member Jürgen Engler in the late 70's in Germany's supposed first punk- band Male. After the old ideals got lost and punk became a fashion movement, he turned away and founded -after various projects- the Headshop Toys roundabout three years ago.
"Originally a british pop- band was named Headshop Toys but after we offered them a few million the band renamed themselves Pet Shop Boys", Claus jokes , "luckily because we liked this name ! Finally we all smoked dope - admittedly without inhaling !!"
The CD "Dogtunes" developed from lucky circumstances. "We acted as caretakers" for the Atom h studio of the Krupps when they were on tour", Ray Luca tells. "In return we were allowed to record. It all came off so smoothly that the planned demo became a ready- mixed and mastered longplayer, which we've published for the present on our own lable Gangland Records." For the present...