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Heavens Sake CD

Heavens Sake is a three piece "Rock" band from Winston-Salem, NC. Formed in September 1995, this hard working trio has spent two solid years writing and rehearsing to become the future of rock and roll.

The band has quite a knack for writing catchy, hard hitting originals. Focusing to create a "Real" rock sound, with attitude and flair, Heavens Sake is "The Alternative To Alternative".

With an image that lies somewhere between "glitter and the gutter", Heavens sake brings the flash and fun back into rock and roll. The bandīs professionalism and talent shine through to make a Heavens Sake performance an evening of high energy entertainment.

Heavens Sake are:

David Barker - Guitars & Vocals.
Timothy G. Beeman II - Bass, Keyboards & Vocals.
Bobby Richardson - Drums & Vocals.