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Inchworm write bloody good songs. Their sparkling guitar pop has been refined and energetically performed over the 6 years they have been together with all three members sharing equally in the song writing. In this time the band has released an EP, two Albums and 5 music videos combined with extensive touring. Originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, a small foggy university town, Inchworm have decided to take a global step and have moved lock stock and barrel to London.

Inchworm released their first EP in 1994, followed over the next three years by two full length Albums "Shiny"' and ""You Are Only Here" released to massive critical acclaim in their home country. Music critics frantically searched for superlative adjectives to describe these frenetic guitar popsters. 6 videos from the two albums have regularly graced the annals of music television in New Zealand.

One of the most interesting is the "umbrella" video off the most recent ""You Are Only Here" CD which is an animation drawn by drummer Rob who spent many long months sketching in a dark room by himself.

Inchworm thrive on playing live, they are a vital, energetic band to experience. There has only ever been the same three members, Rob, Justin and Scott, so the creative empathy generated by this nucleus is sheer intensity and leaves all three members a sweaty shaking heap by performance end.

Inchworm's CD's have been released in New Zealand by independent record label DEDear Records. The band is now looking for contacts to help build their presence  which is where you come in. Have a read, look and listen if you can. Should you like what you hear then we would love to know about it. Please contact us as below. Thanks for your time, now go and have a drink.