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Infusion is a well-established band in the Phoenix, Arizona music scene. Formed in November of 1993 by Timothy L. Salazar (Guitar), Kyle Taylor (Drums), and Freddie Vidales (Bass / Vocals), Infusion has created the perfect blend of heavy, pit-instigating riffs with an  awe-inspiring technicality that exhibits the'' true musicianship of each member.

Infusion can best be described as a blend of their influences which include,, Cynic, Death, Iron Maiden, and Obituary to name just a few. Infusion has opened for many national acts such as Death, Deicide, Flotsam & Jetsam, Forbidden, Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Sacred Reich, and Six Feet Under.

Infusion had the opportunity to play at the 1998 Milwaukee Metalfest which got their name known nationwide. Publications such as the Berzerker, Da' Core and the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds have given Infusion rave reviews. Because of these publications, Infusion receives letters of interest from such region s as Germany, Indonesia, Poland,, Spain, and the former Soviet Union. Infusion is featured on a compilation by the Grimoire of Exalted Deeds as well as a compilation CD by In Your Face, Studios, of Phoenix where their first derno "Surreal" was recorded...,. Their demo contains six tracks which take the listener on a "Surreal" journey of time changes, mood swings, and a diversity of subject matter dealing with the eccentricities of real life.

A live Infusion performance generates raw energy that whips the audience into a frenzy. Infusion plays the world's first and only Death Metal / Reggae song which has won over those who were not previously fans of harder music.

3721 W. Cambridge,
#8 Phoenix, AZ 85009
(602) 278-8588