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The Playdoh Man


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Jack Cobb has been performing in bands since he was thirteen.  Now he's a grownup, writing and producing his own original material with the help of his band, The FamilyMen. A veteran stage actor and director, he is also a theatrical lighting designer and audio engineer, with dozens of dance company credits on his Tech Resume.  Formerly the Technical Director of the acclaimed Weinstein Center for the Performing Arts in Evanston, Illinois, since 1994 Jack has been a stay-home dad in Joliet, Illinois, where he lives with his wife and two boys.

Recently, Jack created RETUNE THE MULTIVERSE - a concept album of sixteen songs, woven about the tale of one man who feels he missed out on the best chances in his life. This man, THE TRIPLE THREAT, manages to retune his perceptions and experience some of the optional worlds in the Quantum Multiverse, where his destiny turned out differently.  Each song examines a different aspect, or Avatar, of THE COSMIC MIND which our protagonist shares with his alternate selves - including a pirate, robot, jockey, spy - and the SNAKEMAN. Ultimately, our wanderer decides he was better off in the first place - but it's too late to go home now!