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The small town of CORBY, Northants, first made its name as one of England's most prolific
steel towns for several decades, but almost 20 years ago the town was sent into spiraling despair by the demise of the steel industry. With its cosmopolitan population, and the search for new industries, Corby has surprisingly developed as a talent & music hotspot, being responsible for the re-birth of live music in the Northants area. KUSHTY was the first, and still most popular, to inject the area with their brand of music ranging from hard rock to good fun pop, however another band (Adelles Friends & biggest fans) were the first to be signed, they are RAGING SPEED HORN, signed to Green Island records and Currently on a tour of the whole of U.K. IK-uslity first hit the local pub scene early in 1995 when the band were still teenagers at school, Adelle being only 15 at the time, from there they have gone on to play venues in Northampton, Peterborough, Islington, Camden, Plymouth university, X-ettering, Wellingborough and headlined at various local music festivals. There is a constant demand for them to play gigs and they regularly do 3 or 4 live gigs a week, although at the moment with Adelle, just Starting Leicester De-Montford University studying media & music technology, and Lewis(lead guitar) starting at Northampton University studying electrical engineering they have temporarily cut down their Gigs.

Adelle is 18 has the talent, voice and songwriting ability of people like Annie Lennox &
Alanis Morisette, with looks, movement and sex appeal of starts like Madonna, Blonde & Janet
Jackson. Adelle is your original rock chick she sets fashion trends and as she spends most of her time with Raging Speed Horn at the infamous 85 Aron Way, she tends to be a bit wild on a night out or in front of an audience. Even so she is a very quick witted, funny and likeable girl who always takes time out to chat and have a laugh with her fans.

Lewis is the lead guitarist's who co-writes most of the original material, with Adelle, and also takes the lead when covering Jimmy Hendrix or Simple Nlinds etc. He is an exceptional guitarist often playing tracks with his teeth, in the middle of the audience or on anything he can climb and balance on, at one gig he was carried round the venue on someone's shoulder's whilst still performing. He was a member of the Kingswood School jazz band who were voted best young jazz band in the country and won critical acclaim nation-wide after performing at the Albert Hall, transmitted live by BBC radio 2, and the Birmingham Philharmonic.

Kevin is the bass player and the most recent member of the band. He has played bass in various bands, including some heavy metal bands ask about the Alsation gig at page three, but is now totally dedicated to Kushty and has also started to become active in set Est arranging and songwriting. I do not feel we have yet seen the best of Kevin, and believe he will have a lot to offer the longer he remains in the band.