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Te Sigo

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The Band was formed in 1989 in a High School of Bahia Blanca city - Argentina.

In this 10 years the band keeps playing and recording even when their members are living in differents cities. Thanks to the Internet they can survive the distance.

It┤s just a Rock Band (Guitars, Bass, Drums) plus the tools of the end of 20th century.

The song "Te Sigo" (I follow you) is part of the album "Greatest Failures 89'-99' "LaCorcheaSlavajetapacd this is a free album, contact us in m.


Members are:

Charly Gomez: Bass & Lead Voice
Coco Serrangeli: Guitar & Voice
Chetar Cocciarini: Drums, Samplers & Programming
JosÚ Yeguer: Samplers, Sinths & Voice