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Living In Your Lust

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Lowlife are:

Ryan Cook - Bass and Vocals
Stayne Henderson - Guitar and Vocals
Donnie Loyd - Guitar and Vocals
Ronnie Loyd - Vocals
Dave Osborn - Drums

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Lowlife was formed in 1989 under the name Violent Prayers. Violent Prayers released a demo in January 1992. After playing more of a Death Metal style for six years they decided that they were too limited playing this certain style and wanted to broaden their musical horizons. Violent Prayers slowly started forming into a more mature band while adding a lot more musical diversity to their song writing. The band decided that with their new mature sound, and about ten different line-up changes, the name Violent Prayers just didn’t fit the sound any more. The two founding members Donnie Loyd and Ronnie Loyd found a new bass player named John Bayliss and a new guitarist named Bobby Martinez. Thus started the new and more diverse band named Hollow.

While playing many shows in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas Hollow picked up a strong following in the local scene. The hardships of being in a band in Oklahoma led to the loss of guitarist Bobby Martinez, this time right before a major show with Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves. With only two weeks to prepare Hollow took on Shane Henderson, who was actually a bass player at the time. Shane switched to guitar and learned all the songs in two weeks, just in time to play the show. Once again Hollow lost another member, bassist John Bayliss, two weeks before their show with Coal Chamber. Searching again Hollow found bassist Carlos Rodriquez. Finally, with their line-up complete, Hollow continued creating a buzz on the streets. On 14/5/98 Hollow completed their second demo.

Hollow started yet another change when Ronnie decided to quit drumming and start just singing. Hollow found a new drummer named Dave and replaced their bassist Carlos with Ryan. With a new band in line Hollow decided to change their name to Lowlife, mainly because a new act named Hollow was recently signed. Lowlife is now gearing up an all new set that will blow away what was previously done by them before.

Hollow/Violent Prayers/Lowlife has shared the stage with Cancer, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Death, Demolition Hammer, D.R.I, Gorefest, Puncture, Sacrifice, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Coal Chamber, Art of War, Substance D., Pissing Razors, Skinlab, and Exodus.