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male is a Norwegian band born from the remnants of Luj Dog (MAN-12 and moisted) and female drummer womanizer (the chambermaids, sour) in 97. In 99 a-sound joined on additional guitars, making the band a complete quartet: MAN-12 - bass and backing vocals womanizer - drums a-sound - guitars and backing vocals (here and there) moisted - noise and vocals.

The music has reference to a lot of the indie music out there, with special lyrical reference to for instance r.e.m. and the early pj harvey. The music is mainly guitar based but with a strong rhythm section to keep the whole thing going. Furthermore, the sound has changed a lot over the last few months, because of the addition of a second guitarist.

Contact Information:

snail: male, c/o m.kristensen, baldersgt. 8 N-0263 OSLO, NORWAY

male have there own homepages here