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Mike Kondol started playing guitar at the age of 11 back in 1970.
He started to play in the bars around the Lakewood area in 1976. He played covers with "Euphoria", "JusWilly", at the Top Hat and Back Forty tavern back in the original Arrowsmith days.He did a demo at the old Kaye-Smith studios with "Moxie" about 1977.
Worked with Win Kuntz who coproduced "Fly like an Eagle" (Steve Miller) and met Ann/Nancy Wilson who worked on their second album there. Started College in Tacoma at UPS.
Punk was the main game at that time. He played in a band called the "Smoldering Remains" with some guys from Minneapolis Minn. Some interest was expressed by Twin Tone, but that went nowhere. The "Smoldering Remains" broke up shortly afterward.
He Moved to Seattle to finish a masters degree in psychology. The music back in the early '90's exploded. You know the story, (Grunge). He bought used records from Scott Mcaughy (REM) at Cellophane Records at the U district and started to work on his tunes with his first Tascam 4 track in the early 80's. He worked in and out of several local studios and put together demos.

The tracks oposite are taken from his first CD that was tracked at his home studio.mikekondolcd It was mixed at the Shoreline Community College studio by a good guy there named Jeff Corkrell. Mark Ashmun did the post production (Sound by the Sound). He is shopping for a small indie label and working on a second CD which may be out around Christmas.