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I Used To Love Me

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Mister Bubble are:

Sam Timberlake - guitar, vocals, trumpet, minimoog.
Shea Rives - bass, taurus pedals, drum programming.
Don Davis - drums.
Claire Cormany - vocals.
Kelly Simpson - percussion.

Mister Bubble consists of the carcrazy son of a metropolitan opera singer, an underachieving electrical engineer, and a biology student / professional jazz drummer. The players may be an unlikely combination, but if s obvious that these guys enjoy what they're doing. And from the strange collection of slackers, hippies, musicians, and young professionals at their shows, its obvious that lots of others enjoy it too. The music they play simply wins you over. A mixture inspired equally by Jerome Kern, Winnie the Pooh, and The Police could be schizophrenic  but it isn't. What it is is fun  a quirky blend of interesting grooves, clever lyrics, and catchy melodies that always leaves you wanting one more listen. It's serious music that refuses to take itself too seriously. People like Mister Bubble for many different reasons, but no matter what the reason, they all agree: This stuff is good.

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