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Shooting Star


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Bruce Butler-gRAtER, Evil, VOcalS

Joey Krzywonski-Percussion, Evil, sAmPleS fRom hEll, VoCaLs

Christopher Binns, dRuMs, evIl

Zak Ward- Rapz,Evil,voCals


Unlike conventional bands Motograter uses no guitar or bass. The Motograter was conceived back in 1995 when Joey and Bruce got the idea after eating massive amounts of experimental drugs. What they created was unlike no other instrument in the world. The Motograter is made of steel and is approximately 4 feet long and is laid to rest on an old stand made from a childs swingset.. It has 2 screen door springs streched across it and you slide you fingers across what is similar to a fretless bass. Instead of picking or slapping the springs though it is played with a drumstick. The ensuing sound is simply EVIL. The lineup was completed Halloween 1998 when Chris came to a party where they were playing with vocalist Zak who had been with the band since early 1998.

Motograter just played over the fourth of July weekend for The Hells Angels bash in Ventura. It was an expierience they will never forget....

Motograter are currently buliding a new studio where pre-production will take place for their new debut album. Stay Tuned.......