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Paint have been compared to The The, Television, Magazine, and  David Bowie . Their music is often more improvisory than these comparisons suggest espeically live. The line up consists of guitar, bass , drums, keyboards, sax, flute, computers, tapes and samplers. There is a strong element of jazz in their music and they are more than willing to experiment. On record Paint are often groovy but with snatches of found voices and noises with computer music interludes.

Paint have been together for about 4 years. They consist of Leo Baroni, Rob Schootbrugge, Mike Deakin, Chris Aldridge, Robin Hill and Barry Jones. and are from Australia, Holland, Liverpool, Wallsall, Coventry and North Wales. They formed in London in the summer of 1995 by Leo, Robin  and Barry . The other members drifting in over the next couple of years when ever Paint found someone on a similar wavelength.

In early 1996 someone from Orange Egg records overheard  a Paint song  being played by a friend of the band at a stall in Greenwich market. this led to a 12" single being released "mirror/ it's my country" with remixes by Heliocentric World.. In 1997 Paint signed a deal with Focus/ Acid Jazz to release the album " 24 hours to spend his giro" and a publishing deal with Rufus Music. They gigged in London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Midlands and Liverpool.. Later in the year they fell out with their record company . 1998 saw Paint recording a new album " Brave the new world" but this has not yet been released. Early in  1999 they recorded a 12" E.P. "Prime time" and with help from their new partner Antonio Massaro released it on their own label Reelwire Records.

At the moment Paint are trying to raise funds to complete their third album " Beach baby bye bye " and are preparing to release "Brave the new world" on the internet. Gigs in England and Scandinavia are planned for later ths year.