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Pebbles & Stones

The World Is So Cold

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Gravy"I love games and when I play, I play to win like this music thang can't go bad. If it happens find tha rough and make it smooth, it come along with the name (it's all gravy)"

"BeastI'm a youngster so I figure I should devote the rest of my life to one thing I have a passion for, which is music. My main purpose in life is to live for the good and see my way through the bad. I don't have anything to lose and everything to gain, so I figure I'm in it to win."

Dollar Bill"I love music and all the aspects of music. My intention is to make to the top. Playamade soldier from the small town of Lufkin, Texas. I grew up as the man of the house out of a family of five, one brother and two sisters that are deceased. Really the only way to put it is that I hard a hard-knot life. The realist Eastside playa, R.E.G. My outlook on life is to just be real because real situations happen. The South is on the map on the rise, we are the new generation (P.C.P.) the Hilltop, real playas, believe that."

Assassin"As the youngest of the click I think that we can make it if we just keep doing what we are doing. If we keep our minds on our business and stay a family, we don't have a reason not to rise up and overcome all obstacles we may encounter."