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Peter Lewy's innovative uses of the cello in both popular and classical settings have earned him critical acclaim in the New York Times and Variety Magazine. He has collaborated with numerous artists in every genre of music from folkies like The Roches, Frank Tedesso and David Massengill to rockers like Nada Surf, Neon Leon and Mark Johnson, to name two xtremes. Jazz legend Jaco Pastorious called Peter "the best improvising cellist I've ever heard.Peter Lewy CD" His solo CD debut, Now and Then, was a recipient of an ASCAP award. It features six of his own works for solo cello, ranging from meditative to thrilling and virtuostic, as well as the full Bach Suite No. I in G Major for unaccompanied cello. It concludes with the breathtaking "Sunset for four overdubbed cellos." His music has been characterized as intense but accessible. He has performed in diverse venues such as the Clearwater Festival, The Bottom Line, The Blue Note and CBGB's. His classical credits include serving as principal cellist and concerto soloist with several NYC metropolitan orchestras in addition to numerous recital and chamber music appearances. Peter is a composer and improviser versed in many styles of music, often in demand for studio work in the New York metropolitan area.