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The Haunting Of Your Love

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Founded in 1992 Platform one merged the sounds of Synthpop with the styles of English artists like Duran Duran, the Cure, and Ultravox.  After undergoing a couple of line up changes founding member V. Nigel Taylor, and Bill Lucas remained to perform as an innovative duo through most of'1993.

Later that same year Platform one broke up, and Nigel pursued musical interests with Frey Spinks.  Along with Timly Grae they became The Passing Hour.  After relocating from Kentucky to Rhode Island they fell into a state of' hiatus.  By June of 1997, Frey and Timly were returning to Kentucky to further pursue interests there.  Nigel decidedly remained as Platform one.

In October of 1998 Nigel began recording his first album "Confessions of the Sorrow Tree".  The newer sound was a combination of the more energetic sound that Platform one had, and the somber tones of The Passing Hour. Mixing both pop and gothic influences a more eclectic feel was achieved.  Currently operating again as a duo with good friend Amadea Nickrenz, Platform one returns seeking audiences in both the Pop/Dance and Gothic cultures.

Platform one is a combination of Gothic, Synthpop, and early 80's music that holds something for everyone.