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REALTIME have been together for a little over one year. During this time they have played a small number of gigs in the the Newcastle area, and are currently looking to increase the frequency of their performances.

The band comprises of  Robin Marshall, aka Loxley (guitar) on the band photo, John "Budgie" Budge (bass and vocals) and Barry "Bazz" Kimber (drums).

John and Robin both hail from Nottingham but they both moved up to the North East with their company (both married, lived there for approx. 12 years and love it!). Bazz is single, and originates from Plymouth (lived in the area for 8 years).Their ages range from the early 30s to just the wrong side of 40.

All of them share very similar musical tastes, such as Rush, Schenker, Sabbath, Zeppelin (of course!), through to Living Colour, Korn, Mansun, Fear Factory, Primus, and anything else a little bit off the beaten track.

The two tracks on this page in MP3 format reflects their earlier song writing, and sound somewhat more light weight than their true live sound (after all, that's what it's all about, isn't it?). Both tracks are lifted from their three track demo "Looking Up" (their current live set includes twelve of their own tracks).