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What Is Rock & Roll Today ?

Mission Die

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Born in Hong Kong, an aquarian, Silvester Sees family is based in Shanghai China. Born in a family of professional musicians and singers. Silvester Sees grandfather Mr Fred Carpio (Jr) is a famous violinist and guitarist in china. He was a well known strings tutor in the late 40s and 50s in Hong Kong. Silvester Sees father Mr Fernando Carpio (Jr) was a famous jazz drummer from the 60s. He was considered the drum king at the time in Hong Kong.

 silvesterseecdSilvester See Project Z The Concept Album Black Techno.
The Story
In the future, basically everyone will have a computer at home, with technology advancing at 10,000mph we finally have to go through the technology generations no doubt !!   Everything could be done in the computer, even for us daily life we will soon depend everything on computers. This story is based on a teenager that noticed the "Monster" coming to our lives!
He felt that he needed to spread the messages (like a mission) and eventually did it to maintain more original human emotions when technology is on its way to our lives. Basically leaving footsteps for humans nature expressions! Black - represents evil And Black Techno brings technology sins

Silvester Sees independent record label Arms Record CO. are currently looking for opportunities to play in the UK. They can be contacted by e-mail at