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Playing Truant


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Simon Lees is a dream guitarist. He has the ability to adapt to any style of music and enjoys contributing to other artists' songs. He gets on well with people and has an instinct for what is required in different musical situations. As a guitar teacher, Simon gets to learn all the latest guitar music from different genres. Simon's musical tastes are very broad and he listens to Radio 1 regularly.

Simon likes to keep it simple. He uses state of the art Parker guitars which are incredibly versatile and have acoustic capabilities. For amplification Simon prefers monitors to backline as his Boss GT5 preamp can simulate any guitar amp commercially available. He also has a Korg 01NVfd keyboard which he uses extensively to create backing tracks for his music.

Simon has just released a guitar tuition book where he uses a brand new and revolutionary technique to teach people how to learn and play scales on the guitar.

On top of all that he has his own entry in the International Who's Who of popular music! (Somewhere between Simon Le Bon and Annie Lennox).

Simon is the 1998 Guitarist Magazine guitarist of the year.