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Sometimes We Weep

Not The Same Thing

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SOJOURN is a band that transcends the boundaries of the popular music mainstream. Comprised of middleaged misfits, this band has no desire to bow to the overgrunged pop culture icons. Instead, what you hear from this five piece is rich articulate pop/rock music soaked with jazz and basted with blues. As music makers, Sojourn expresses a compelling artistry and reveals their experiences from a relationship with Christ.

The core of their sound is the foundational rhythm guitar of Sojourn cofounder Dean Newell. Newell and lead singer, Adam M. Parmenter, started the acoustic duo of Sojourn. Through stylistic growth and some membership changes, the band came into its prime with the addition of bassist, Tim Hamm, and lead guitarist, Steve Terwilliger.

The foursome entered the studio to record the band's new 15 song CD, NOT THE SAME THING.sojourncd With this release, Sojourn has served up an eclectic blend of jazz, rock, folk, and ballad flavored features, that with the "Sojourn sound" have a unified feel. Critical Review commented that the band's radio single, Sometimes We Weep, was a  nuanced tune that flows like a poem." The reviewer also called other songs "gutsy" and stated, "the electric and acoustic sound so fine, so clean, that one is almost transported to another dimension."

Shortly after the release of this project the band met up with drummer Denny Jeltema and quickly recruited him for their live shows. A limited edition CD "EP" is in the works for next fall that will feature Jeltema adding his chops to some songs from the current release as well as some new material.

The sound is powerful and fresh.