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South Seventeen was born when Arizona natives Scott Hammons, Terry Stang, and Jamie Waller teamed up with Chicago guitarist Ryan McKay. The chemistry between them was instant. Their creative energy is evident not only in live performances, but also in the studio. South Seventeen recently finished cutting tracks for their debut studio project. Drawing on many influences, South Seventeen is forging on into the new Millenium with it's own sound and it's own era of modern rock.

Jamie and Terry have been together for many years collaborating on various projects including Shattered, Moonshine Blind and Dawghouse. Scott has been with Jamie and Terry for about 8 years and was the voice of Dawghouse. Together they have many accomplishments which include obtaining their A.S.C.A.P. licenses and being the opening act for many successful bands. While in Dawghouse, they were the openers for Tuff, Roxanne, Dirty Looks, Missing Persons, Joan Jett, Bullet Boys, and Arcade, which was a project of Ratt's former singer Stephen Pearcy and Cinderella's drummer Fred Coury. They have also opened for Cold Gin, a band that puts on old '70's KISS concerts. While in Moonshine Blind, they were invited to play a Super Bowl party put on by a local radio station and were the openers for Cry of Love.

Ryan McKay is no stranger to hard work and success either. He worked on past projects back in Chicago. His last major effort, a project called Liberty City, was a great effort. Not only did he write all the songs, but he also recorded all the guitar tracks and produced the album.

With all this talent and experience, South Seventeen is destined to be a success. With the addition of Ryan, they will be able to reach a new level previously unobtainable with just your average guitarist. Keep on eye and ear out for these guys, they are surely going to blow you away with their version of modern rock. This is what Rock-n-Roll is all about!