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In early summer of 1997, Stagger was formed by Michael Goodrich, Matthew Goodrich and Mat Dalton, three remaining members of a project long since forgotten. They were then Joined by the inspired second guitar of Brian Goodwin.

A hardworking outfit driven by the Southern California music scene, Stagger has staked out it's own territory within the San Diego local music scene where they are based.

The band itself is composed of four individuals with many different influences, which in turn, gives Stagger it's unique sound. From influences of the Goodrich boys, Stagger fuses Bad Religion-styled hard-core with the sounds of their country roots, such as the great Johnny Cash. Brian Goodwin is a child of the modem Southern California music scene. With time spent immersed in college radio, the sounds of ska and early alternative bands are prominent in his style and mind set. Coming from the country's Southern East coast, Mat D.'s influences range from southern alternative bands such as R.E.M. to the funk of the Red Hot Chill Peppers as well as the New York hard-core bands of the 80's.

No one person develops the material within Stagger. There is always something contributed by every member in each and every song. From music to the lyrics to exciting live performances, Stagger is truly a 'team' effort. Because of this Stagger has continued to grow into a powerful example of the depth and strength of the San Diego local music scene.
Stagger has recently been added to the roster of indie label Pseudocool Records, and is currently looking for management.

Stagger consists of:

Mike Goodrich - Vocals, guitar
Brian Goodwin - Guitar, vocals
Mat Dalton - Bass, vocals
Matt Goodrich - Drums, vocals