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Standing in the Sun first exposed and won over their fans and critics alike to songs like "Dividing Line" and "Shot Down In Africa." Songs like these propelled Standing in the Sun to opening early on for bands like Minor Threat and the international super-group U2.

Haunting melodies, spirited beats, stirring lyrics, a fresh and independent approach, and recognition for the intelligence of their audience has succeeded in making Standing in the Sun one of the top bands on the Internet. At the forefront and heavy supporters of the current Mp3 rage exploding over the Internet, Standing in the Sun has catapulted from a struggling little known band to an international phenomenon in a matter of weeks. Standing in the Sun receives over 1,500 hits a week on their Award Winning web site (band designed and created) found at

Standing in the Sun independently released their self titled CD on Whole Track Entertainment label on April 14th, featuring a whirlwind of what is certain to be some of the strongest and most intensely felt original music available today anywhere.Standing In The Sun CD Cover

Standing in the Sun is marked by a provocative, jarringly powerful collection of songs that only an honest look into the soul can produce.