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Fans of mod-inspired rock n' roll will surely dig Vancouver, B.C.'s Star Collector. Having recently completed mixing with producer GGGarth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Catherine Wheel, Rusty, 54-40), , these beat-boys have no interest in 7-minute drum solos. Their debut CD DemoModel 256 & the first single 'Skyscraper' began getting airplay on Vancouver's CFOX 99.3FM in March /99. Also, their song 'Slowfade' has been featured numerous times on CBC's 'Radio Escapade' nationally & CFOX's 'The David Hawkes Show' locally.  Songwriter/vocalists/guitarists Vic Wayne & Steve Monteith have gone back to the music they grew up on and fused it with a Y2K sensibility sure to Rock the Millennial Casbah.

What the critics are saying:

A shining example of power-pop...real musical skill, verve and a broad intellectual perspective. The band also is very good live and brings an understanding of Mod-era excitement to their musical attack & a flair for melody evident from the CD's first track, Skyscraper." -Tom Harrison (The Province) - Apr.15/99

"Addictive melodies, seductive harmonies, well-played and really tightly written songs that are immediately accessible. The production is crisp and clear. Lots of songs that sound like singles. A really good CD." -Trace Ventura (CFOX) - Mar.99

"Quite a few tunes on DemoModel 256 achieve a propulsive summery feeling that raises the album above the pack. Skyscraper, Turn You On & Motorcycle in particular. These guys have a definite knack for hummable melodies. DemoModel 256 succeeds as an unpretentious power-pop record, with punchy car radio production (courtesy of GGGarth Richardson) and catchy tunes." -Shawn Conner (The Georgia Straight) - May 27/99

These guys go to 11! - N. Tufnel

I clapped until I stopped. - M. Python

Dy-noh-miite!!!! - J.J. Walker