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STATION TWANG were conceived in January 1984 in Toronto, Canada.

They were made up of the remaining members of one of Toronto's seminal "new wave" bands, "Cardboard Brains".

Vince Carlucci and sound engineer, Stanley Viemer, released the first Station Twang LP entitled "Secret Songs", on the Modem Music label (MM564563).

A several year hiatus found Vince composing and recording music for films, recruiting Sandy Macfadyen  and Gary Tafel as cowriters and musicians. Films including, Golden Reel Award winner, "The Gate" and the yet to be released "Proteus".

Following these projects, Sandy was commissioned to play studio sessions with "Three Blue Eyes". Gary replaced and became a permanent fixture in "National Velvet". Vince coproduced the first "Lawn" LP and the unreleased "Dandelions" LP. Station Twang reformed once more in 1988 with the nucleus of Vince and Sandy, Craig Davidson on second guitar and Rich Leech drum banging. Mikael Duggan (ex Lawn, Scott B, High Noon, Plasterscene Replicas etc) replaced Richard and the release of "James Brown's Doin' Time" on the 1991 Indie Can Compilation CD followed shortly thereafter. Further recordings ensued with the release of a foursong cassette, "Xperiment In Terror". Another nine month break found Vince and Mikael writing and recording with Mr.Fizzer, the members being local players, Gord Cumming, vocals and slide (Woods are Full of Cuckoos, The Lawn, Scott B) and John Borra , bass guitar (Change of Heart, Scott B, list too long to mention). Brenden Cavin (Plasterscene Replicas, Fiberglass Granny,Missile Birds) was recruited on Bass to fill out the rhythm section for the most recent CD release. Carl Tafel (Terrace Garden) was sought out shortly after the CD Recording as the bands live show bassist.

The lineup remains to this day:

Vince Carlucci: guitar/vocals
Carl Tafel: bass/vocals
Mikael Duggan: drums
Sandy Macfadyen: guitar/vocals

Which leads to their independent release...."The Station Twang Black CD1.