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STONEHEAD is a solo project that was originally started as a form of therapy when the pressures of band politics became too much to bear without some other artistic outlet.

It soon became apparent that the STONEHEAD project was to naturally take priority and it soon became all consuming and a hell of a lot of fun to boot.

Ian, (the man behind Stonehead), still enjoys live work with a Norfolk based rock band called HALFLIFE mainly playing  original material and session studio work gives him a change of scenery and a break from his own studio set up.

Although Ian is the only contributor to STONEHEAD he has maintained many contacts so a live unit would be easily established should a demand be created.

Ian would classify the music on the album "HEY LOOK" as alternative rock, however his influences tend to be very diverse so his style can take some surprising turns. He already has another album ready for release when he has finalised the artwork and running order.

In general his music can be described as guitar based powerful rock music with strong hooks both instrumentally and lyrically. The subject matter can be anywhere from mad rock stars to bent politicians and pyromaniacs.