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To You From Me

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Stretcher has been uplifting / bludgeoning New York audiences for about a year and a half now at the Continental, CBGBs, Castle Heights and the Orange Bear. They've also been hitting the highway to several East Coast hot spots, including The Filling Station & The Met in Rhode Island and Jaxx -in Virginia.

They play both kinds of music: heavy & dark and heavy & bright. They would really like to be liked, but it just hasn't worked out that way. Yet. You get your chance by listening to WSOU 89.5 (the nation's premier hard & heavy radio station) where Stretcher is regularly featured on Street Patrol. Stretcher is also getting airplay on DC101's "Local Licks' show, out of (you guessed it) D.C. They will be doing a live radio broadcast out of Waltham, MA, in March. A 5-song CD including material recorded at Midnight Music and CBGB's is available through the band. Listen closely in the feature film "Rock the Boat" for those comforting Stretcher melodies during the infamous Car Radio Scene.

Meet the Stretcher.

Walker Pettibone, former collaborator with Dana deChaby in Suburban Virginia's most beloved bunch of high school losers, Boloney Poney, brings hit awesome power-to-weight ratio and a world-weary angst born of too many cruel sights seen from 'the deck of a Celebrity Cruise ship to the symphony of noise that is Stretcher.

Which brings us to Mr. deChaby. This guy doesn't have a nice thing to say about anybody. Thankfully he doesn't talk much. Aside from his experience with Baloney Poney, he's got more notes on his guitar. Singer Alex Sheen has chosen to change his name because of all the ridicule to which Keanu Reaves was subject when he had a band. Alex has a great voice and he's tall as sh*t.

Bassist Wolf Knapp wears dumb shirts and has short hair but the other guys keep him in the band anyway. Wolf would like everyone to know that the scene was a lot cooler Back in The Day, when everyone pulled together and all this careerist-sellout-backstabbing wasn't going on. Endorsement inquiries can be forwarded to Wolf in care of the band.

Stretcher floats like an anvil & stings like a bee; it is a carnival at Canaveral; it is the muse of post-Information Age overload; it is loud music played on guitar's with some dude screaming his head off in front and another one beating the crap out his drum kit in the back.

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