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Mother X

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The LOT is a four person group from Deland, Florida.

"That BAND from Deland" as the girls from Korea called them. It is rumoured that "The LOT" stands for "Lucy in the Ocean with Tentacles" though the band flatly denies this, saying; "Drugs are bad and I, um; forgot what I was going to say."

The Lot has played in 17 countries from Holland and Canada to Japan and South Africa but they refuse to play in America again until Black belt theatre is back on Saturday afternoon Television.

The LOT were:

Danny Vance - Vocals and guitar
Chip Slaughter - Drums
Bobby Bryant - Lead guitar
AElig;rin Vance - Bass


Daniel Slaughter - background guitar,
Daniel Dennis Lee - Backing vocals
Scott Ramseth - Public Relations;
Jim Grooms - Groove Inducer Producer.

"and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love, you fake"