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Only Lovin You


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Several years ago Chris Budiselic moved over to Melbourne from his home town of Perth, Western Australia and soon after met Dave Ellis. They worked together in many different bands, and towards the end of 1997 decided to write some songs together and see what happened.

One of the first tunes they wrote together was "Only Lovin' You" , a recent pick for MP3.com song of the day. The songs they were writing were uplifting and melodic. They had energy, and more importantly they had feel. It seemed this band might have a future.

Since that beginning, they have devoted all of their time, money and energy toward writing, recording and promoting their songs. In the process they have found a sound and developed together as songwriters. It has been, and still is, a period of immense benefit to the bands' development, allowing them to focus on their songwriting craft and define their goals for the future.

Their primary goal is to succeed as songwriters. To consistently create well crafted songs is an ambition that they both share, and one they believe is essential to enable them to become fully fledged Recording/Touring Artists. This band has something to give, and they want to give it. They are artists with a rare quality - The ability to grab a listener and make them feel something.

They want to continue to create, and continue to grow.

Visit the Ultraviolet website at http://www.ultravioletsounds.com for more information and new live pictures.