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Gigs nationwide, airplay on Radio One and a fanatical following  an ideal way to begin the run in to the end of 1999 for Velvatone.
The energetic original four-piece from Nottinghamshire were formed in September 1997 and quickly established themselves on the music scene, playing 50 gigs in their first full year.
Those gigs included a headline night at Nottingham's Rock City, a support slot to Electrasy on their Maker Breaker Tour, another headline slot at Blast 98, a local outdoor music festival, and a performance in front of more than 3,000 people at the 1998 Ashfield Show.
Their music  all their own material  is a mixture of pop and rock with very prominent harmonies, described by one radio station as having the 'harmonies of the Beach Boys and the power of the Stereophonics.'
The vocals come from Chris Patrick (27) and 26 year old Ian Wragg, who also play rythmn and lead guitars. The backbone of the group is formed by bassist Daniel Wilson (26) and drummer Michael Bell (20). All four members write the songs. During late 1998 and 1999 the group have moved further afield, performing twice at The Duchess, Leeds; the Telewest Arena, Newcastle, at the Campaign for a Living Wage festival with Ash, the Divine Comedy, Space, Travis and Fungus.
They played their first London date in June at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden, which also served as a launchpad for the release of their second EP, 'Watching the Days Go By. 
All 500 copies of the CD were sold out within just two months, including sales in Greece where the group played on two occasions in May. Watching the Days Go By... has received airplay on all the local radio stations Radio Trent, Radio Nottingham, Century 106FM and Mansfield 103.2FM. The track has also been played on BBC Radio One, Steve Lamacq giving the group their first airing on national radio at the end of September. Velvatone are also scheduled to a'live session' on Radio Nottingham's The Beat programme which runs from 6- 1Opm every Saturday night. The group members have all appeared on radio on various occasions, being interviewed and having some of the gigs broadcast live. Velvatone are returning to the studio shortly to record three new tracks which is scheduled to be released in the New Year.