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Real Life

Lithium Sundae

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Akamas: Vocals & Percussion.
Lee Morriss: Guitar, Keyboards, Bass & Programming.
Emma Rivers - Fletcher: Vocals & Guitar.

Formed in 1998. The writing partnership of Akamas / Morriss has been in place since 1992, but as a band proper Wastelanders has only existed since the addition of Rivers-Fletcher in December 1998.CD Cover Their first demo recording, the five track CD "Wasted" was officially released in June 1999.

Wastelanders mix male and female vocals with live music and an electronic beat. "Wasted" contains innovation in the form of "LITHIUM SUNDAE" (an electric poem) and tradition in the pop songs "HEART BLACK AS COAL" and "SATELLITE, ALIVE". "REAL LIFE" has a Cure/Electronic feel, while "HIGHWIRE" has been described as being like John Cale on methadone; both songs deal with obsession, denial and loss of control.

Currently working on new recordings, the trio already have enough songs for another four or five such CDs. The band is also preparing for its first acoustic set, planning to get some gigs locally soon and further afield soon after.

From their studio, the OPENhouse,Wastelanders, aim is to provide a heady mix of intelligent songs that are both stylistic and accessible.

Influences include Tracy Chapman, REM, INXS, The Doors, Suzanne Vega, Alison Krauss, Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, Big Country, eels and Mansun.

For more information contact Jason on 01752 516264, or visit the Wastelanders web site: www.angeifire.com/co/wastelanders Altematively, email the band at wastelanders@hotmail.com