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Welter Are:

Elliott Weston: (Tasmania) acoustic guitar / lead vocals
Dave Williams: (Central Coast NSW) drums / vocals
Matt Skinner: (Bondi) bass / vocals

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WELTER... (verb) to writhe uncontrollably

Welter, from Sydney, Australia, have been attracting a lot of attention since the release of their debut album 'Satellite Generation' in Dec '98.
This assured and articulate pop-rock three piece have received rave reviews from music press and major daily papers in Sydney and Melbourne , and the word is spreading rapidly. Find out why Drum Media called this "the best locally produced album in the last 12 months" "Sometimes a band is like hitching a road-train to a ute." Welter's lead singer and songwriter Elliott Weston gives a clue to the often unique mental imagery he uses to describe his observations of life, love and the world.

Welter are on a journey so distance and separation are recurring themes in their songs. Elliott's from Tasmania but his heritage and inspiration stretches to the west coast of Canada. His writing has been diversely compared to Nick Drake, The Blue Nile, Crowded House, Matchbox 20 and Counting Crows! Fate is often an over used word but it aptly describes the arrival of Dave Williams (Drums) on Elliott's roadtrain. Dave's travels began on the Central Coast of N.S.W and through various bands led him from one end of the country to the other before landing in Sydney. Through a mutual friend Dave offered Ell a room to crash in after a relationship breakdown. They started jamming and soon realized there was a musical synthesis that had to be explored which resulted in the original formation of Welter with bassplayer Jeremy Scrivner. The journey had begun and within 12 months they recorded Welters debut EP 'Cleaver', a slick package of 5 diverse tracks that demonstrated the stylistic depth and breadth of the writing.

Then a wheel fell off!!!! Jeremy was offered an acting gig that he couldn't refuse and left the band to pursue his own path. After a succession of bass players and a difficult 12mnths Elliott took time out playing solo shows throughout Britain & and Ireland. He returned refreshed and recorded a solo album 'LO-FI HOLLYWOOD'.

Around this time funkyman Matt Skinner was managing the bar where Dave and Ell had played and drunk a lot and was keen to have a jam. Matt's a crazy-man and a damn fine bass player. Matt grew up between Bondi in Oz and New York and is a pure city boy(when on the road he just loves the cows. moo moo moo!!!). His enthusiasm and feel were exactly what was needed to get the
Welter show well and truly travelling. With great energy and infectious enjoyment Matt and Dave provide a rhythm section that is flowing and funky,
yet can blend beautifully behind Elliott's acoustic drive and free ranging vocals. Their live shows bounce with verve and dynamism, even when the lyric may be on the dark side somehow it just feels good!

Satellite Generation was recorded during 1998 at Purple Systems, Powerhouse and Velvet studios and launched at The Basement in Sydney on the 8th of December '98. It is fast becoming one of the most highly praised debut albums to be released by an independent Australian band.