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Wet is a professional, unique Alternative Rock band that plays original material, with a young 'hip, semi - goth Image . WET has been on the local Ft. Lauderdale scene for some time now and they are making quite a stir.

WET was originally formed In January of 1998. and the members met through mutual friends In the local South Florida music scene .
The band features In It's current line up phenomenal and powerfully strong female vocalist Angel Angel excellent bass player Dain Miller raging guitarist Jasper Summers and amazing drummer Rob Rogers So far, they have been featured on local TV and 88.5 on the radio In Interviews performing an acoustic live song for each, as well as getting air play on 94.9 zeta with their Mt "Hey Buddy" and on 86.5 fm . They have also received excellent reviews In the Sun Sentinel, Rag, Gazeta News papers City Link, Brazilian Newspapers, Ink 19j&astSider9Jam Magazine.,News Time, INSIDE CONNECTION MAGAZINE9 etc...

They have an unbelievable live show where they really capture your attention, not only with eye catching attire, but with the way Angel moves and presents herself on stage. Some of their live performances Include the Love Fest, The Hard Rock Cafe In Miami, the Roxy, Culture Room, SurfCafe , Fubar , the PUB , etc...
This talented band has radio ready, high quality material , with diverse song writing and musicianship . They are currently recording a full length CD, soon to be released for their anxious fans . Catching the attention of not only their fans but the music Industry as well, they are destined to go far In the near future. Looks musicianship and materiel make for a powerful combination... keep your eye on this band!!!

The band also has a very cleverly designed and sophisticated web site which Is worth checking out and can be found at: http://www.pompano.net/-wetband
For more Info, contact them via telephone at: (954)785-4755
or E-mail at :