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Family Farm

Five Day Funk

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Wild Hell Dogs (Terrin Krantz and David Joost) create stripped down words and music with deep roots in country, blues and rhythm. Krantz and Joost have been writing, recording and performing together for over twenty-five years. Their first 7-inch, 45rpm single ("Blind in One Eye" b/w "#9") was recorded in 1979 in Columbia, IL. Since then they have written and performed in Central Illinois bands, including Invisible Parrots and Vagaband. Invisible Parrots recorded the Krantz/Joost song "Watching People Dance," which appeared on the local compilation LP "Stabs in the Dark," and became something a local radio favorite in Champaign-Urbana in the early 80s. Early Times CDFor their most recent recording, the full-length CD "Early Times," they have stripped their sound to the bone. A spare combination of voice, guitar, percussion, and harp (with modest piano) lay bare the raw essence of the songs.  On "Early Times," Wild Hell Dogs welcome special guest musicians Doug Zartman (percussion) and Geoff Beran (voice). Early Times was produced by Wild Hell Dogs and Ron SanAgustin at Sonic Brush Studios, Chicago, Illinois. Post-production by O'Donnel-Salvatori TotalAudio in Chicago and Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio in Champaign, IL.

Wild Hell Dogs are:
David Joost:
voice, harp, piano, percussion.
Terrin Krantz: guitar, voice
with special guest artist:
Doug Zartman: percussion