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Little Star

Porn King

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David Silverman - Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dan Humble - Drums and samples
Tim Head - Bass
Ian Lockwood - Guitar and keyboards
Nicola Kenny - Vocals

Yoda are a Sheffield-based four-piece who combine stunning male and female vocals with trip-hop live drum & bass beats. Featuring dark samples and ambient guitar noises, Yoda's self-produced debut album is now available for demo purposes. Yoda began life as a drummer and a bassist, and not long after, the diverse songwriting talents of David Silverman and Daniel Humble showed through. Formed in '97 after leaving a student band to pursue originality, they began producing their own album. Encouraged by positive reactions to their work, they recruited Tim Head and Ian Lockwood to the fold, with the help of talented vocalist Nicola Kenny, whom they met in a Sheffield club. With the album finished, Yoda are now prepared for the gigging season ahead.